Compliance as you know it is about to change

August 29, 2017 8:00AM CT
Since 1983,
ITS Compliance has been an industry leader in providing cost effective Compliance and Risk Management Solutions.

Personalized Service

ITS Compliance is proud to provide personalized services like none other in the industry, built around industry leading technology driven solutions.


Our dedication to your success means we design solutions to meet your unique transportation management needs, regardless of your size.

Reduced Costs

Partnering with ITS' comprehensive driver and vehicle management services reduces your costs and increases your compliance levels.



Improper permitting can cost big dollars in fines and downtime! Permit requirements can be tough to keep up with. Varying state regulations, expiration dates and forms, forms, forms! We have a trained staff that completes the necessary paperwork and works daily with the states so you don't have to. And if you have to get on the road fast, we can obtain temporary permits. We will maintain an inventory whenever possible and supply you with what is necessary when there are additions or changes within your fleet. Renewals coming up? We can do that too. ITS can get you up and running and keep you rolling!

Licensing & Registration

Have a headache? It's probably from trying to keep up with your licensing, registration, ad Valorem and heavy vehicle use taxes! Let ITS get your vehicles licensed for you. We process title paperwork and apply for IRP and base plates in all states. We will help with your fleet consolidation and provide advice on proper record-keeping. We work to ensure that the proper miles are reported to the IRP office so as to eliminate additional mileage billings and will assist with audits when requested. We get your vehicles licensed quickly and correctly by providing the following services:

  • Commercial In-state base & IRP plates in all states
  • Title processing in all states
  • Sales & Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payments
  • Ad Valorems
  • Fast, nationwide walk-in registration network
  • Management of your fleet unit list
Fuel Tax Reporting

We catch drivers errors before the auditors do!

Another quarter, another tax return due. Do you have time to verify that the information used to file the return is complete and correct? Probably not. If you don't, you will find out what was missing or incorrect eventually... usually by an auditor. With ITS on your side, you can rest assured that we will work to make sure that all missing miles are recovered and that your tax filings are completed correctly and on time. Using GPS or a fuel card? We accept fuel and mileage downloads. And that saves you money on service fees while improving the accuracy of the data.

Our Fuel Tax Reporting service protects you from tax and penalty assessments that may result from audits because we provide:

  • Timely, accurate trip compilation
  • Prompt filing of IFTA
  • Mileage tax returns
  • Refund applications
  • Management reports that enhance your fleet controls
  • Assistance at state audits
Driver Log Auditing

Our log auditing reports make it easy to enforce regulations!

Properly controlling Hours of Service can help your company reduce the risk of adverse audit exposure. It can also decrease operating expenses related to insurance and other expenses by indentifying behaviors that can increase the possibility of fatigue related crashes. Makes perfect sense...but with everything else you have to do, how do you find time? You don't have to find the time to audit your driver's logs because ITS will:

  • Enter and audit of your drivers graph logs for form & manner errors and hours of service violations
  • Produce accurate reports on drivers’ hours of service that pinpoint driver errors or violations so you can focus on training
  • Evaluate drivers operating under 100 and/or 150 air mile radius regulations
  • Driver disciplinary letters
  • Provide driver disciplinary letters
Driver Qualification

We will help make sure your driver's files are current and complete!

Keeping track of various documents that are required in a driver file and staying ahead of expiring items are what is necessary to stay in compliance with DOT regulations. It also takes a lot of time. But letting the files fall to the bottom of your to-do list can mean expired physicals, missing MVR's and unqualified drivers! Luckily, there is ITS. We can assist you with properly completing accurate driver files. We offer a service that includes:

  • A web based system of reviewing, completing and monitoring driver files
  • A user-friendly program
  • An up-to-date driver information viewable on-line
  • Scanned images viewable on-line to see what is missing or incorrect on each form
  • Archived documents available on-line
  • A full line of reports that can be printed from website
Periodic Inspection

We can keep track and produce your periodic inspection and inspector qualification documents when you need them!

Keeping up with the day to day can be hard enough. Requirements that only occur annually can be even more difficult. We know you're busy. That's why we will remind you (several times) that an inspection is coming due, so you don't have to worry about missing one. Assistance keeping track of Annual Inspection & Inspector Qualification Tracking that includes:

  • Collection of all documents
  • 90/60/30 day advance notices of annual inspections coming due for expiration
  • Monthly reports showing missing & expiring items
  • Inspections scanned and stored for reproduction at audit
DVIR Tracking

ITS will track and store your daily inspections so you don't have to!

You know that inspecting your equipment daily identifies potential problems that could pose a risk for equipment failure resulting in roadside maintenance issues, downtime and crashes. That just makes sense. Making sure that there is a written daily record of the inspection available to produce at audit...that just takes time. We will let you know when an inspection has not been turned in and:

  • Maintain a database that contains an up to date Commercial Motor Vehicle listing
  • Keep a record of DVIR’s submitted by unit
  • Provide monthly report listing missing inspections by unit
  • Produce a record of DVIR's for audit
Maintenance Tracking

Send us your receipts for scheduled, preventative and periodic maintenance on your equipment and we will keep a record of them!

Oil changes...tires...brakes. Sure you take care of these things, but can you quickly and easily provide backup needed at an auditor's request? After the work is complete, just send the documentation to us and we will make sure it is stored securely and quickly accessible. Our tracking service is designed to:

  • Receive and scan all maintenance items
  • Index by truck number, date and document type
  • Generate reports of trucks where nothing has been submitted
  • Maintenance documents electronically stored for reproduction at audit
Consultation & Training

For any other compliance need you may have, we offer the following consultation or training topics:

  • Compliance Checkups
  • Mock DOT audits
  • DOT Audit Risk Assessment
  • New Entrant Audit Preparation
  • Management training on How to Survive a DOT Audit
  • Driver and/or supervisor training in proper trip report completion
  • Fleet Analysis
  • IFTA Audit Risk Assessment
  • Driver and/or supervisor training on Hours of Service and properlog completion
  • Driver training on how to perform a daily inspection
  • Other topics by request
Fleet Tracking

ITS partners with several well known and respected fleet tracking companies. The use of Fleet tracking technology can help reduce overall fleet costs, increase productivity and improve safety. Contact one of our valued partners today!

Who we are

Founded in 1983, ITS Compliance, Inc. serves private, for-hire, and leasing companies nationwide, regardless of size. At ITS Compliance, we believe our success is the result of our service attitude to our customers and the industry, our quality management programs, and our people.

ITS Compliance provides the finest in compliance services, management consulting and training programs. Our user-friendly services are unique in the technical services industry. Our staff is experienced in the transportation industry so we can assess needs from your point of view.

At ITS Compliance, we truly listen to our customers and design systems and programs to meet individual needs. We tailor our reports, and even our invoicing, to your unique transportation services needs.

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide industry leadership in cost-effective transportation management services throughout North America while exceeding the expectations of our customers at competitive prices. We achieve this mission through optimal utilization of finances, technology, and a well-trained, experienced, highly competent staff performing proactive services that enhance our customer's profitability.